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My Music Career

2010-10-29 06:56:31 by Johnnysucks

So like I started my music career a few months ago after I got tired of sleeping all day. Basically I'm a rookie at this music shit. I mainly play guitar. I never really cared about school because all I ever did was skip my classes just to go play guitar at Guitar Center. So like music is more than just a hobby. Its a type of magic I want to master. I'm self taught... I wish I went to some type of music school but I don't want to be like the rest of the jack-offs who pride themselves with music theory, and not thier fucked up mentality. I want all my songs based on my soul, and not on math, or science. I'm not saying music theory is bad. I just don't care about it at the moment. Maybe because I'm a teen who lies a lot but whatever... Lying is like a downer for me. Well I'm going through a heavy depression. Its okay because I like hating on myself. It gives me motivation for some reason. I've been hating myself since God knows when... Well I hope you guys catch on with my vibe because I sure can't... But when I do... Expect chaos you bitches!

My Music Career


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